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        來自匯豐科技的消息: https://campus.51job.com/HTC2022/
        匯豐銀行求職討論區: http://bbs.yingjiesheng.com/forum-258-1.html
        匯豐銀行2022校園招聘求職大禮包  |  匯豐銀行校園招聘筆試經驗匯總  |  匯豐銀行校園招聘面試經驗匯總  |  匯豐銀行校園招聘求職綜合經驗匯總

        職位信息及網申地址:/HTC2022/" target="_blank">https://campus./HTC2022/


        HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with operations in 64 countries and territories. We aim to be where the growth is, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and, ultimately, helping people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions. Find out more about HSBC at: ww***com[點擊查看] 

        HSBC Technology is a global team of technologists whose purpose is to transform the world’s banking experience. We use technology to power the world’s leading international bank, enabling simpler, better and faster banking, while keeping people’s money safe and their data secure. It’s our job to build the platforms and partnerships that affect millions of people each day.

        HSBC’s Technology teams take on the world’s biggest financial and data challenges for our customers, building the platforms and partnerships that affect millions of people every day.

        Between 2018 and 2020, HSBC is investing more than USD15 billion in our business, primarily in growth and technology. This investment is enabling simpler, better and faster banking, while keeping people’s money safe and their data secure. It ensures that HSBC Technology, and our customers, stay ahead of industry, technology and consumer trends.

        At HSBC Technology, you’ll be part of a progressive and diverse organisation that has the talent and scale to develop, apply and invest in the technologies that are changing the financial services industry.

        Find out more about HSBC Technology at: ww***com[點擊查看]

        Our technology teams in China are part of the global HSBC Technology Function, which develops and maintains the information technology systems of the HSBC Group. We pride ourselves on quality, efficiency, and innovation.

        Established in 2000, our teams provide comprehensive end-to-end IT services for HSBC’s global businesses and functions. We have many IT jobs across our sites in Guangzhou and Xi’an. These include roles for: engineers; testers; infrastructure delivery teams; project managers; business analysts; scrum masters; operational support teams, and solution architects.

        We use DevOps and Agile methodologies.

        Working in small teams, we bring new products and features to our customers at speed and to a high quality.



        Technology Graduate Programme TraineeApply Now

        Software Engineer GZ(Graduate)Apply Now

        Software Engineer Xi’an(Graduate)


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